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Totally Amazing

This podcast is the reason why I own all the books. Should I say more? Seldon Crisis podcast is amazing and everyone should be listening to it! Do yourself a favor and Download it Now! You will thank me later.

Best Asimov Podcast

Accurate, fun, well thought out. Perfect for both fans and newbies. He also has a great understanding of Asimov. Congratulations to the best podcast available.

It is easy to upset Isaac Asimov fans…

But this podcast dodges all those bullets. The delivery is patient, thoughtful, and complete. A great podcast for fans of the Foundation epic!

A true reflection of the books

This show is special, the books are paramount in Joels reading of the story and he doesn’t stray from Asimov’s words. It truly captures the magic of the books.

Great, on-target analysis -- but the real treat in these podcast episodes are the radio plays Joel and his colleagues put on which bring Asimov's words to acoustic life.

A real podcast gem 💎

I cannot decide if I’m more excited about the new episodes of the Foundation TV show, or the Seldon Crisis podcast. I read the books multiple times, but don’t remember all the details and don’t really want to read them again right now. This podcast summarizes the original Foundation books and offers fascinating commentary about the the era they were written and Their author Isaac Asimov. It stricken a particularly enjoyable balance of story and character explanation, personal commentary and reenactment. Amazing production value, great music ❤️ Let me add that the logo is a masterpiece 👍

Having read the trilogy at least 10 times as a teenager, and a couple more as an adult, I fancied myself an expert in Foundation and didn’t expect any podcast had anything ld teach me. Yet, I immensely enjoyed Seldon Crisis and listened to most episodes twice. I found it quite pleasant, the closest thing to a movie. I recommend it to everyone, it's a fantastic way to immerse yourself into the story.

This is a great blend of dramatized reading, summary, and literary analysis of Asimov's Foundation series. If you're a fan of classic sci-fi in general or of Asimov in particular, you'll love this podcast! Joel's commentary is thoughtful and enjoyable, and he gives some great context and insights into Asimov, too. This is very radio play meets Cliff Notes meets scholarly discussion - and I love it!

Perfect entry into the Foundation series

If you want a recap or entry into the universe of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, this is it. So far this is a thoughtful and really well executed discussion with just the right amount of quotes from the series as well as context provided by the host. Can’t wait to listen to more!

Great Refresher/Introduction

This is a seriously well produced podcast that captures the essence of The Foundation series. I'd recommend this to anyone who is on the fence about reading the series or to old fans who are looking for an abridged re-telling.


Superb analysis, great story telling and commentary

Great Refresher for Foundation Fans

Looking for a recap of Hari Seldon’s plan then look no futher.

I found this podcast while reading Foundation for the first time. Perfect!

Good listen to review before the TV series release

I’ve read the Foundation series long ago and have mostly forgot the details but I do remember liking it very much. I’m looking forward to seeing the TV series from Apple TV when it’s finally released. This podcast provides me a good review of the story line and much more. I like listening to the end to for the extra discussion that give interesting insights into little things that I overlooked. Well done and much thanks.

Outstanding podcast

I really love that I am able to re-listen and relive my memories of reading Asimov’s Foundation. Great narration & summarization, excellent production quality. Amazing début! Can’t wait for all the novels and stories to come out.

A fresh revisit to my favorite sci-fi series

Foundation was my first foray into science fiction, and still my favorite. This podcast series is causing me to go back and reread the series. The narrator’s voice is so clear and dramatic, I want to drop everything and listen to all the episodes at once!

Such a great show!

With the coming “Foundation” series on Apple TV+, I have been going back to reread Isaac Asimov’s classic Foundation series of novels, starting with the original novel. Joel does such a great job of not only giving some background information on Asimov and the novels themselves, but he expertly distills the different parts of the book in a succinct and meaningful and entertaining way. He does this through narration as well as voicing the different characters in the book with the most relevant sequences. I’ve been doing podcasting myself for years, and I know just how much work goes into what he is producing here. If you’re a fan of Asimov’s series, or even a fan in general of great science fiction, or if you just are curious about what Foundation is all about, then definitely check this out! Highly recommend!

Nice revisit to this Classic

I’ve been thinking it’s time for a reread. Joel’s artful summary is pushing me toward that even quicker. I suspect we both read it the first time, about the same time. Shout out to the accompanying music. A good fit.

Great Podcast!

Great mix of narration and analysis of a most beloved (and incredibly influential) book series! The best Asimov podcast I’ve found. I learn something each time I listen. Also, superb sound quality and production: a professional podcast from a true fan—who’s not afraid to be critical of Dr. A. when necessary.

An Excellent Telling of the Foundation Story

I think about the ideas from Asimov’s Foundation series all the time. The narration in “Seldon Crisis” is excellent, and I find myself picking up details that I had long ago forgotten. A welcome way to experience or relive the story.