Seldon Crisis – The Podcast, Episode 38: Future Visions with Kim Stanley Robinson

An illuminating conversation with one of our greatest living science-fiction writers on topics as diverse as AI, climate change, interstellar travel, new forms of finance needed to avert catastrophe, memorable characters and plot lines in his novels, the debate between settling Mars now vs fixing Earth first, utopia and dystopia, and his love of ultralight backpacking.

Kim Stanley Robinson at the Long Now Foundation (YouTube) (
Origins of the Red Mars Trilogy — The Interval, 02016 (
Climate Futures: Beyond 02022 (
Learning From Le Guin (
How Climate Will Evolve Government and Society (
Ursula Le Guin: Call it Greatness (
Science Fiction is the Realism of our time (
Speculative Science Non-fiction (

The 2015 Paris Agreement

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KSR - Paying Ourselves to Decarbonize (NOEMA) (

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A safe operating space for humanity (Nature - Johan Rockström, et al ) (

Script for non-interview portions: Joel McKinnon
Interview: Joel McKinnon and Kim Stanley Robinson

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