Seldon Crisis – The Podcast, Episode 6: The Philosophy of Foundation with Nathaniel Goldberg

To finish off Season 1 of Seldon Crisis and the completion of the first book in the original trilogy, Foundation, this special episode consists of an interview with Professor of Philosophy Nathaniel Goldberg. He will discuss his long running course, Philosophy and Science Fiction, in which he asks students to compare Isaac Asimov's Foundation trilogy with Plato's The Republic. Professor Goldberg talks about his passion and enthusiasm for Asimov's works, including the short stories Nightfall and The Last Question, how his students react to the challenge or analyzing these great works, and the lessons he has learned from them in their essays.

Script for non-interview portions: Joel McKinnon
Interview: Joel McKinnon and Nathaniel Goldberg

Video editing: Jeremy MacKinnon
Logo art: Mike Topping
Theme orchestration: Tom Barnes

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